Our Mission

Here at SafeHaven Softwareâ„¢, we understand that there is a often a misconception that your privacy is no longer guaranteed. Doubly-true, with an ever-changing and rapidly evolving rate of technology that is aimed at delivering more personalized adverts to you, and detailed reports of your usage back to the developers.
While it is a fact that privacy has changed from what we once knew - and it is much harder to obtain now than ever before.
Whatever the situation might be - connecting to a public Wi-Fi network at your local coffee shop or library, administering your own network, or accessing a specific network at work or at school - We've got you covered.

Our tools and intuitive products will assist in ensuring your privacy remains just that...private!

All in one solutions

We strive to beat competition by offering more features in each of our products.

The best spoofing engine

When it comes to web based technologies we have the best spoofing technology available.

Automatic and Manual Configuration

Whether you are a one click user or power user you will find our tools offer the best get up and go startups.

No-Problem licencing

We offer the best no-problem licences..by that we mean, our licencing structure is laid back and chill so you don't have to worry!

Frequent Updates

All of our tools get frequent updates. Automatic in most cases. That means all you do is start the tool and it'll do the rest to stay up to date.


We offer 24x7 support. In most cases we can be reached via eMail, webform, in-app, on forum

Our Software

Designed with the bleeding edge technology available today (Not yesteryear - unlike our competitors!)


Our flagship software designed to protect your privacy.

Proxy Scanner

  • Http and Https Proxies
  • Socks 4 & 5 Proxies
  • SSL Proxies
  • The ability to export, save, import, etc.
  • Categorically presented in anonymity level and speed
  • Produce quick and easy results
  • Harvest data from URL's
  • Scrape Proxies from them
  • Scan Proxies to create list
  • Export to a list, or scan right away

  • Image Scraper

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