Aaron Benjamin Snobel

Programmer Extraordinaire, 'Getting it right the first time!'

Located in London, Ontario, I am an intermediate Web developer.I maintain a reasonable level of knowledge in the following technologies: Nodejs, React, Most JS frameworks and more!

Are you interested nay even excited to potentially hire a Programmer Extraordinaire?! Look no further!

ExpressJS Social Login - Facebook

Just a quick and efficient implementation of social logins and expressjs

Webapi 2.1 Todos with Angular

Quick example of webapi 2.1 with angular 5, Angular Material, language understanding/speech recognition.

React Hangman

React and the flux architecture done with my own twist. Hangman, YAY! Source code available here.

Aaron Benjamin Snobel

Programmer Extraordinaire
'Programming it right the first time!'


Available: SEPTEMBER 2018

Bondable, Reliable, Consistent, Dependable and Most Effervescent!